From start to finish: Housebuilder’s partner with Russell Roof Tiles to achieve cost-efficient results

19 June, 23
Russell Roof Tiles provides pitched roofing solutions for developers, house builders, social housing, reroofing, and commercial projects.

Russell Roof Tiles provides pitched roofing solutions for developers, house builders, social housing, reroofing, and commercial projects.

With an array of roofing experts and knowledge built up over decades of experience within the industry, the roof tile manufacturer supports projects of all sizes – from hundreds of units on a multi-year site to bespoke one off projects – across the UK.

Concrete roof tiles were originally introduced to the UK in the 1920s. After World War II, an extensive rehousing programme was started, causing demand for concrete tiles to rapidly increase as the government pushed forward an agenda of rapid house building.

Concrete roof tiles have always offered advantages over traditional clay, stone and slate tiles that often include cost effectiveness, durability, robustness, a long lifespan, ease of installation, range of colours, profiles and minimal maintenance.

A leading supplier, Russell Roof Tiles works with developers of all projects from the initial planning stage, design concept, and specification, through to the construction process, and final client handover.

How does Russell Roof Tiles begin to work on a new project?

The Russell Roof Tiles Sales or Technical team can support house builders, local authorities, contractors, architects, and other project managers who are looking for a reliable manufacturer.
The teams also often have returning clients, companies getting in touch through recommendation, or from seeing the roof tile manufacturers’ products in situ.

Using all latest technology, the company utilises web tools such as the fixing spec tool, estimator, CAD drawings, BIM, installation guides and data sheets to compliment the team’s technical offering, allowing specifiers an easy and efficient way to find what they need.

The Russell Roof Tiles team offer expertise at initial specification and are on hand to support the client throughout the construction process.

If required, the team discuss building plans, including plot size, location, specification, aesthetic, and budget to discover what the client requires for the project. They then calculate the fixing specification of the job, and factor in any technical considerations or requirements from the client.

What happens next?

The team can, if needed, meet with a developer to discuss the options and provide solutions for all variations of queries. With specialist knowledge providing clear advice and understanding, the team can recommend what course of action is right to take.

With a specialist understanding of all relevant British Standards and legislation in roofing, the team can discuss issues and recommend solutions. With simple and easy to use roofing systems, project suitability considering any unusual criteria is discussed with developers.

Russell Roof Tiles also offer a survey of the local area. This can be carried out to establish which concrete roof tiles will be most in keeping with the local community and aesthetic.

For example, the recommendation of Moray from their natural range. The Moray is a thinner leading edge interlocking tile with a traditional riven finish to the surface which gives it a slate appearance when laid half broken bond. The Slate Grey colour was specified as an option for a Derbyshire project, as the developer wanted a natural appearance, in keeping with the local surroundings.

The client is provided with the knowledge, and product range to choose from, and then collaborate with Russell Roof Tiles in producing cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, quality solutions.

Sustainability and added value

The team can also advise on the sustainability of products and how concrete tiles can meet the environmental considerations for a project.

A range of information is also available directly from the Russell Roof Tiles website or from services offered by the manufacturer, such as project specifications, bespoke advice, literature, certificates, and datasheets.

Russell Roof Tiles offer bespoke, site-specific, fixing specifications. These are instantly available through purpose-built software, calculated in accordance with robust industry demands. A simple and immediate calculation result will detail the frequency of fixings required to ensure that contractors know exactly what is required. This can then be used as evidence for sign off and to provide confidence to clients of a conscientious work practice and assured future durability.

The Next Step: Planning and Meetings

In some cases, the Technical and Sales team can then assist with the approvals process and attend meetings with planners. On large developments, RRT can also visit active sites and demonstrating best practice to site teams and managers highlights how closely the team works with customers. It is key that the Russell Roof Tiles team focus on building and maintaining relationships based on high standards to help to improve all round skills and to deliver quality installations.


If required after site visits, meetings, planning, contract exchanges, and much more. The product will be specified, along with an agreed package, and the order will be placed with Russell Roof Tiles and their suppliers.

A partnership is formed with the client, contractor, and the Russell Roof Tiles team, building connections, and creating a smooth transaction of product and knowledge between the three parties involved.

Russell Roof Tiles are always keen to follow up after site delivery. The team are able to support with specified project managers, and gain feedback on the product, fitting, and opinions on the tiles.

Why should I choose Russell Roof Tiles for my next project?

The Russell Roof Tiles Technical and Sales team are able to recommend and supply their clients with the best suited product for their project, location, and requirements.

With robust roofing specifications, the team discuss with partners, their options, and encourage the consideration of investing in a full roof system, rather than just the roof tiles. This means that the client will have more control over the quality and safety of the whole roof, with the RussSpec Guarantee.

RussSpec is aimed at architects and specifiers who require detailed roofing specification clauses. Each RussSpec gives clauses that comply with the recommendations of British Standards, Codes of Practice, building regulations and cover the Russell range of tiles and accessories.

Roofs that are designed and installed in accordance with RussSpec are covered by the 15-year RussSpec Guarantee.

With insightful, experienced, and knowledgeable experts on hand, Russell Roof Tiles work with teams to build smooth procedures for seamless transitions from the planning and design teams right through to installation and client handover, eliminating problems or compatibility issues before they arise and reducing liabilities down the chain, addressing issues in a timely manner and avoiding unnecessary delays.

The team also gather site feedback to develop new product ideas, new systems and to innovate their existing product range with targeted development to optimise their offering for future needs of clients.

Research and development through discussion with users of our products also helps the team to confirm the quality of products, and to implement any feedback and necessary developments that can be made to update the range.

Pushing improvement in this way maximises the company’s knowledge and position in the manufacturing and supplying sector, to enable them to keep delivering value to customers.

Shinfield Meadows, Reading

Russell Roof Tiles was specified by developer, Bloor Homes, to provide their expertise and technical specification information for 70 of their new homes.

It recommended the Lothian thinner leading-edge tiles, that has a mock joint and hidden interlock. This meant that the tile would be laid broken bonded, and that a slate appearance or a small format tile appearance would have been created, whilst offering the benefits of a concrete roof tile. The tiles provided the aesthetic diversity that was required for this sell-out development and the team, developer, construction team, and home buyers were all pleased with the final result.

Ladden Garden Village, South Gloucestershire

Russell Roof Tiles was also specified by Bellway Homes to help to achieve a concrete roof tile that recreates a classic village feel. The Grampian tile from the commercial range, in both slate grey and cottage red was used for the large-scale development. The product suited the surrounding area, whilst providing the key requirements specified by the client.

The Grampian roof tiles have been successfully installed on 110 homes, with 137 in development. The tiles fit in with the local aesthetic, and suit the clients requirements, and specifications.

East Ayrshire

Russell Roof Tiles were contacted by a social housing project in Scotland, who explained that planners required a high-quality re-roofing solution.

The team visited the site, assessed plans, and the local area, and consequently recommended and supplied 190,000 Double Roman tiles from the Commercial range to re-roof 240 units.

The tiles were recommended due to the design lending itself to both traditional and contemporary roof styles. The product will last for decades to come, ensuring that the customer received reliable coverings for their homes.

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