Dura Products commissions environmental product declarations (EPDs) for its suite of products

7 August, 23
Leading manufacturer of lightweight recycled products for the construction industry, Dura Products, has commissioned environmental product declarations (EPDs) for its suite of products.

Leading manufacturer of lightweight recycled products for the construction industry, Dura Products, has commissioned environmental product declarations (EPDs) for its suite of products.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a standardised document which communicates the environmental performance or impact of any product or material using lifecycle analysis. EPDs support carbon emission reduction by providing a quantitative basis for the comparison of products and services of different materials.

Expressed in over 15 impact outcomes, ranging from sourcing materials to end-of-life, architects, engineers and designers are increasingly requesting EPDs due to the increased need to consider and measure the whole-life carbon impacts for their projects, from product origin right through to a project’s legacy.

By conforming to the European Standard, EN 15804+A2=AC, ensures that EPDs for construction products use a common methodology, report a common set of environmental indicators and have a common reporting format, the commissioning of the document will enable Dura Products to continue its expansion into Europe. All EPD certificates have now been independently approved and registered on the International EPD portal.




Last year, the company revealed its heavy-duty combined kerb and drainage system, Duradrain, had been installed in 12 countries across Europe. The eye-catching results are expected to continue to increase the appetite across the continent for the safe, affordable and environmentally responsible construction solutions.

Dura Products has long been a pioneer in green construction. Its products, in addition to being created out of high recycled plastic content and having low carbon outputs, require little energy use during transportation and installation, thanks to their lightweight composition. They also have positive end-of-life potential; as each unit can be reused, recycled and carbon recovered.

“For every product we make, we take waste, and the historic risk that represents, away from the environment.”

Steve Bennett, Managing Director at Dura Products, commented: “EPD’s provide an improved point of measure for environmental impact so we can move closer to a carbon-nett-zero future. We are increasingly receiving requests from across the supply chain, from architects and designers to engineers and installers, for EPDs, so we are delighted to be able to provide them for our suite of sustainable construction solutions.

The results serve to further demonstrate that Dura Products is the sustainable construction innovator par excellence; consistently leading the way when it comes to improving the environmental credentials of construction projects, domestically and across Europe. We are confident that being able to transparently and quantifiably communicate our products’ minimal carbon impacts will initiate another exciting period of growth for the company.”

Dura Products recently released its newly branded product brochures, detail the company’s extensive product ranges, accreditations, measurements, and guidance on system and product maintenance.

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