Pocket Box targets construction sector with asset management software solution

25 April, 24
Pocket Box has enhanced its software solution to meet growing demand from SME contractors for an all-in-one system to manage vehicles, plant, tools and drivers.

Pocket Box has enhanced its software solution to meet growing demand from SME contractors for an all-in-one system to manage vehicles, plant, tools and drivers. The new asset module is designed to save time, maintain compliance and reduce costs, while tackling equipment theft, loss and underutilisation that is costing the UK construction sector billions of pounds every year.

“Our new asset module within Pocket Box Fleet will provide added functionality to help contractors maintain, monitor and protect a wide range of powered, unpowered and portable equipment within their operations,” explains Jim Finnegan, CEO of Pocket Box Ltd. “With the ability to manage plant and tools alongside a vehicle fleet, it is possible to bring everything together into a single system to deliver complete visibility and control over physical resources.”

The asset module is highly flexible, so it can be tailored to manage any construction equipment including plant, machinery and generators, as well as hand, power, utility and safety tools. The dashboard and notification system combines at-a-glance visibility, simple navigation and seamless task management, with comprehensive maintenance, safety compliance and inventory management features. Reminders and alerts use traffic light colour-coding to prioritise the most important tasks and draw attention to potential issues.

Using the Pocket Box Fleet app, workers will now be able to undertake a tool audit at the same time as daily vehicle and equipment safety checks to pinpoint the last known location and condition of smaller items that have been allocated to them. This will enable contractors to keep track of portable assets to ensure mobile teams have the tools needed to complete their jobs, while minimising the impact of lost and stolen equipment.

“Our aim to deliver a digitised solution to eliminate labour-intensive operational processes that are causing an unnecessary headache to SME contractors. By bringing together the management of vehicles, plant, tools and drivers, our customers can save both time and money, while achieving the highest levels of health and safety compliance. The asset module will also enable us to introduce new security features moving forward that will help companies to further combat the issue of equipment theft,” adds Finnegan.

Pocket Box is a cloud-and app-based software company that has developed a comprehensive eco-system for the consumer motoring, automotive, fleet, road transport and construction sectors. The feature-rich eco-system is designed for ease-of-use and to support multiple integrations with third-party technology partners, enabling Pocket Box to deliver advanced vehicle, driver and equipment management solutions.

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