An interview with James Hardie

What is your full name and job title? Lee Bucknall, UK Country Manager, James Hardie. How long have you had your current role? 3 years Tell us a bit about your company. James Hardie is the world’s number one producer and marketer of high-performance fibre cement cladding and a market leader in Europe for fibre […]

3 reasons why smart building systems demand cutting-edge COSU device management

Are you ready for the dawn of smart building systems? Imagine working at an office outfitted with hundreds or thousands of nondescript sensors. These devices monitor everything from employee density and movement to carbon dioxide emissions. They also help make utility use more energy-efficient by automatically adjusting room temperatures depending on the number of people […]

Decarbonisation of buildings – what does it mean in reality?

Decarbonisation and net zero carbon have become buzzwords in the construction industry and beyond, with many keen to express their green credentials – but what does it all mean? There are many similar sounding terms with slightly different meanings, and it is important to distinguish between these when discussing a route forward. Carbon neutral is […]

Building infrastructure resilience through proactivity

With scientists reporting 2023 to be the hottest it’s been in the past 125,000 years, the structures that we depend on are entering a precarious time. Not only are many reaching the end of their life expectancy, but extreme weather conditions – as a result of climate change – are increasing the risk of infrastructure […]

Building Trust: Why branding matters in the construction sector

Although facing the same challenges as other sectors last year, the construction industry remains in demand. But unlike other industries, construction cannot be dispensed with or replaced by cheaper, AI-driven or automated alternatives. Consequently, branding isn’t something that construction companies have historically paid much attention to. But should they? Branding is about building an identity […]